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Push Bikes is the Birmingham cycling campaign group. We also have a couple of social groups if you just want to ride with other people. By joining us you get the benefits of membership, and you increase our influence when campaigning. But we do have to ask for a membership fee to cover costs, such as the website, postage, and insurance when you ride with us.

Although this form is primarily for joining, if you are an existing member you can enter your email address here to get an invitation to update your information (just enter anything in the required fields). You can also use this form to resubscribe to emails.

Please ensure you include an email address and your name and address as a minimum. By subscribing, you are agreeing to being contacted by us. You can unsubscribe from emails, but it is a great benefit in terms of time and money to be able to contact you by email. We wont spam you endlessly. Please also include your existing membership number if you have one (this is mainly needed if you are resubscribing and are not able to use the email address with which you originally subscribed).

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